People who cooperate with us for years

Mgr Agnieszka Pietrus-Rajman

A certified business trainer and an academic lecturer. She is a graduate from Trainers’ School, Tutors-Masters’ School (Moderator), Academy of Cross-cultural Studies (Beyreuth University/Germany) and Academy of Management and Economy (Dresden/Germany). She had realized many international projects as a part of European Union programs, courses and workshops in the area of international business. She is also specialized in teaching professional and trade German and Dutch languages. She is an author and a co-author of many elaborations, handbooks, didactic aids and materials. In 2011, she has received an European Innovation Sign in the field of teaching and learning foreign languages. She runs courses in Polish and German.

Dr. Sylwia Wrona

She is an assistant professor in the Marketing Institute in University of Economics in Wroclaw. She is a member of Polish Scientific Society of Marketing. She is an author of many publications, surveys and research projects in the field of marketing and management. A lecturer, researcher, consultant and a certified business trainer. She is a graduate from Trainers’ School, Tutors-Masters’ School (Moderator) and Diplomatic Academy of Polish Institute of International Cases MSZ (Diplomatic Protocol course). Expert in the field of managing the brand, creating the image and communication in business. She combines scientific work with practice, providing advisory and training services. She runs workshops in the field of communication in business, savoir-vivre in business, self-presentation and creating the image, presentations and public speeches, negotiations and diplomatic protocol, client service and creative thinking (creativity training, techniques of creative thinking).

Dr. Marek Wąsowicz

Doctorate in the field of management sciences and an assistant professor in the University of Economics in Wroclaw. For more than 10 years, he has been professionally connected with projects’ management. He took part in tens of training, introductory and scientific projects. He is an author of several dozen publications in the area of Project Management. He completed courses: “Trainers’ School” and “Masters’ School”. He has got ECDL Expert and Prince2® certificates.

Dr. Marta Płonka

Designer of visual identification systems, identity and image of brands and publishing houses. She shares her knowledge and experience from the area of graphic design and creating brands on courses and workshops. She is the owner of graphic workplace “MP Design”. Through projects, she finds the answers for all those who expect new, interesting and unique solutions.

Dr. Beata Pachnowska

Social psychologist. MBA. A market and social opinion researcher. He is the author and supervisor of many research projects for polish and international clients, as well as many scientific and popularizing publications. He is an active moderator in quality and foresight researches. He has got big experience in courses (20 years of work on University of Wroclaw and cooperation with training companies and universities). He is a participant in European Union projects’ teams. He is a member of PTBRiO and ESOMAR. He is a co-owner and vice-chairman of a market-researching company which has been on the polish market since 1994.

Prof. dr hab. Ewa Stańczyk-Hugiet

She works on the University of Economics in Wroclaw and she is a professor of economic sciences. She runs researches of general problems of management, its conception and methods, managing the knowledge, relations and inter-organizational networks, coopetitions. Her research domain is strategic management, strategic perspectives of phenomena and methods and conceptions of management. She realized many projects financed from the public means, including the European ones. She ran and participated in research projects financed by the KBN and NCN means.

Zbigniew Koźlik

A chef – polish cuisine lover, who with passion changes and diversifies Wroclaw’s kitchen and gets involved in promotion of lower-Silesian regional products made in traditional ways in Poland, as well as outside Its borders. He won many awards in cooking competitions, i.e. first place in all-Poland competition “Olimpiada Smaku”. He is a valued cooking advisor, a member of a chamber which awards producers and gastronomic subjects a “European Network of Regional Cooking Heritage” sign. He is also a chairman in “Lower-Silesian Academy of Taste and Tradition”. He is a trainer who runs presentations and courses in the area of Polish cuisine and European one. He is also involved in preparing students and workers for cooking competitions.

Mgr Ałła Witwicka-Dudek

Career advisor, trainer with more than 17 years of experience gained from working with business clients, universities, non-governmental organizations and students. She is specialized in career and business coaching, and since 2010 she has been a certified ICC coach. She conducted many advisory projects and courses in the area of personal and professional development, effective functioning on the labor market, employee branding and mentoring. She is a member of Advisory Board from the WINGS project – women’s entrepreneurship; for 9 years she had been a coordinator of an international project “Study-in-Wrocław”. For a few years, she has been a Open Space Technology facilitator and an assessor in recruitment projects.

Mgr Grażyna Bieć

Graduate from English studies on University in Wrocla, an academic lecturer with high expertise and years of experience in teaching English language on every level of advance. She is specialized in business and professional language trainings. Good needs recognition, effective teaching methods and affiliative atmosphere during classes provide outstanding results of participants of her courses.

Mgr Maria Niemczyk

Graduate from National University in Moscow, academic lecturer and Russian language teacher. Russian language examiner with years of practice in teaching and certifying language skills. She conducted many trainings for diversified target groups in the area of general and specialized language. She has big experience in the field of communication and cross-cultural differences between Poland and Russia.

Mgr Małgorzata Borsa

English language lecturer with big professional experience. She is also an academic teacher. She ran trainings for many occupational groups with diversified levels of language skills. She regularly develops her qualifications by taking part in methodical-didactic workshops. She has been cooperating with Dobre Kadry research-training centre since 2010.

Mgr Hanna Wysocka

English language lecturer with high qualifications and big experience. She has been working in the job for 28 years, and since 1991 she has been an academic lecturer. She took part in many language projects for diversified target groups. She participates in conferences and methodical workshops, constantly highering her expertise and keeping her professional background up to date. She cooperates with Dobre Kadry research-training Centre since 2011.

Mgr Teresa Kotarska

An Italian language lecturer with years of experience in teaching Italian language (University of Economics in Wroclaw and Wroclaw University). She has got big experience in teaching sectorial language – managing the enterprise, tourism, trading, hotel business and gastronomy. She cooperates with many Italian university centers: Università di Padova, Università per Stranieri di Perugia, Facoltà di Commercio e di Economia di Perugia. She participates in European Union projects’ teams.

Mgr Elżbieta Anusiewicz

An academic lecturer with years of experience in teaching German on all levels of language proficiency, a certified teacher and examiner in the Goethe Examinational Institute Centre and the Examinational Centre TestDaF. She has got high qualifications in teaching the specialized language, i.e. business language. She prepared and realized many language trainings adjusted to specific needs of target groups.

Mgr Mirosław Wysocki

An English language lecturer who has been working as an academic teacher since 1990. His rich professional experience covers conducting the lessons for diversified groups on all levels of advance and teaching business language as a part of projects organized for students and scientific workers. He systematically rises his qualifications by taking part in methodical courses and trainings.

Mgr Eleonora Żmijowska-Wnęk

A certified math teacher, methodical advisor and chairwoman of examinational committee for teachers who solicit for a degree of professional promotion of appointee. She is an organizer of trainings and courses for teachers. She is an author/co-author of interdisciplinary and innovative teaching programs. Initiator and coordinator of educational enterprises realized in cooperation with Wroclaw High Schools (long-term projects as a part of EFS, aimed for teachers and students on different education levels implemented in whole country).

Mgr Dorota Wójcik-Hetman

A certified teacher. Principal of School-Kindergarten Complex number 9 in Wroclaw. She teaches young children and she is a school pedagogue and educator. She is an author/co-author of educational programs for elementary and junior high schools and interdisciplinary educational projects. She organizes trainings and courses for teachers in the area of popularizing the innovational working methods. She is an initiator and coordinator of educational enterprises realized in cooperation with Wroclaw High Schools (long-term projects as a part of EFS, aimed for teachers and students on different education levels implemented in whole country).

Mgr Anetta Watemborska

She has got teaching background and additionally she is a trainer, professional advisor and MEN expert. She has got years of experience in managing human resources. She is a graduate from the University in Zielona Góra, she completed many courses and postgraduate studies, i.e. on Wroclaw University of Economics – “Managing the Union Projects Practice”, “Learn to teach others” course. She has got a First Degree Trainer’s certificate. She deals with education and adult people development including teachers and school principals. She has got years of experience in gathering the means from EFS. She realizes and coordinates many union projects. She is the author of early childhood educational program “Student’s way to success” and co-author of teaching program “Science and technology for food”.