Cooperation with schools

Foreign modern language for young children teachers

We welcome kindergarten and early-childhood teachers for English and German language lessons which prepare for the international exam certifying knowledge of foreign language on the B2 level (concordantly to the MEN ordinance, Dz. U. 2009 r. nr 50 poz. 400).

Science and technology for food project had its aim to rise up the efficiency of schools in the area of mathematical-natural sciences education. It assumed implementation of interdisciplinary programs of exact sciences education realized by the educational projects, altogether with methodical case and batch of actions supporting teachers’ work and improving their expertise. Project had allowed to enhance lessons by experiments made by students, it piqued their research curiosity by a new formula of lessons based on a University models, it also let particularly talented students to develop. Projects covers second, third and fourth stage of education.

All information about projects and worked out products can be found on the project’s website.


As a part of ECOLOGY Project there has been worked out an innovational interdisciplinary ecology program “Three elements”, altogether with whole didactic case. The program changes the formula of education, namely is that the student takes whole responsibility of his knowledge and skills – from the action to knowledge. Program assumes taking up different actions and activities by students in the area of solving research problems concerning the three elements (water, air and soil). The aim of proposed solutions is to popularize the methods of work with student in the area of shaping his openness to learning the world by his own actions. Additional quality resulting from the realization of the program is the imbue of ecological sensitivity among students.

All information about project and worked out products can be found on the project’s website.